Indian Institute of Theology and Missions
K. M. 501, Behind St. Pius Church

Kammanahalli, Bangalore – 560 084

Phone:  +91 80 25451550  Cell +919448002452

The Indian Institute of Theology and Missions is administered by and Executive Board that supervises the Board of Education that fixes revises, withdraws courses at any time, change fees, calendar, curricula, degree requirements, graduation procedures, and any other requirements directly relating to the students.  This prospectus is a general information publication only, and does not contain all the regulations that relate to students.

The Bible College is not accredited at this time but is making all necessary preparations to be accredited at the earliest available opportunity.  The Bible College, however, strives to provide excellent academic and practical theological education to its students.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bible college is to provide an academically excellent and practically effective theological education to men and women called by God to serve the church and the community.

The Bible College upholds the following principles:

1.       The Bible College constantly seeks to provide excellence in academics and an environment conductive to the spiritual growth of its faculty, staff, and students.

2.       The Bible College focuses on inviting students to the various theological disciplines that have developed over the centuries and encourages students to apply the learning from these disciplines in their ministries.

3.       The Bible College is distinctively Baptist in terms of heritage with a commitment to relate with all denominations and to participate in Christian missions around the world.

4.       The Bible College is committed to offering theological education to all called by God to ministry. It will not discriminate on the basis of race ethnicity, nationality, caste or gender.

Bachelor of Religious Education (B R E) 3 Years
Bachelor in Theology (B. Th)                     3 Years
Bachelor of Divinity   1 year  for Students  with Thelogical Degree 3 Years for  students without Theological  Degree
Master of Divinity (M. Div) 1 Year for students with BD  degree. 2 years for  students without Theological  Degree
Master of Theology   (M. Th ) 1 year for students with MDiv degree. 2 years for  students without Theological  Degree
Admission Requirements

1.       All applicants must be born-again Christians willing to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, members of a local church where they are in active fellowship, and willing to submit themselves for three years of study.

2.       Applicants should be able to read, write and speak English fluently.

3.       Applicants for the Bachelor in Theology, must pass S S L C, H S C, PUC/+2/pre-degree examination.

4.       Applicants for B.D, M.Div, M.Th must have a pass certificate in any discipline in the Bachelor degree.

5.       Applicants should have basic financial support ready before they come to the Bible College.  The Bible College has scholarships available for qualified applicants.

Admission Procedure

1.       Interested applicants may write to the Bible College asking for an application form and prospectus.

2.       Upon receiving your completed application form and other supporting documents, the Admissions Committee will make a decision and inform you.

3.       If selected, you will be sent a Call Letter with more specific information.

4.       The academic year begins in August this year.


The Bible College offers separate professional courses and seminars on counseling, computers, Children's Ministry, Accountancy, Counseling 

 Grading System

The following system will be used to grade student’s academic work:

A+  =  80 and above;  A =  75 – 79;  A-  = 70 – 74

B+  = 65 – 69; B = 60 – 64; B- = 55 – 59

C+ = 50 – 54; C = 45 – 49; C- = 40 – 44

 F = Failed (39 and below)

Students who get F for any course, will have to take a retest.  The academic curriculum is prepared in a way that students preparing for any test according to the objectives in the syllabi can score maximum grades

Field Education

Students will be engaged in field education while studying at the Bible College.  Their ministry will include ministering to the sick, prisoners, alcohol addicts, gamblers, children affected by crime, and at church.  The Director of Field Education will supervise this education.  All work done under field education will be graded.

Expenses and Financial Aid

As you prepare to come to the Bible College, proper planning is essential for arranging to meet the financial expenses.

Limited scholarships are available for students who have a need for it.  This need will be assessed by the Bible College Admissions Office.  There is no financial aid for food expenses.  Students seeking financial aid may write to the Admissions Office.

Schedule of Classes

Monday to Friday:  8.00 a.m.  –1.00 p.m.

There will be a five-minute break between each class sessions.  Students are encouraged to strictly follow this schedule and be punctual for all classes.  Students who are regularly late for classes other than health or other emergency reasons could lose a certain percentage of their grades.

Chapel Services

Mondays to Friday:  9:20 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Since worship is a vital element in the spiritual growth of the Bible College community, every student is expected to be present for chapel services.  Students may be assigned to lead worship services from time to time and also to preach.


The Bible College is committed to having a wide range of books that consists of textbooks, reference books, and other circulation materials including magazines, audio/video tapes, and journals.  The reference books are to be used only in the library.  Textbooks shall be kept on the reserve section and can be checked out over night.  Other circulation books may be checked out for a maximum period of ten days.

Students are expected to observe complete silence in the library.  This includes abstaining from talking loudly, using high heeled footwear which are loud, abrupt moving of library furniture, and the like.

No eatables are allowed inside the library.   Students may bring tea/coffee/water inside the library but are responsible for their proper use.

Dress Code

For classes and chapel services, students can wear all dress except stitched short.  Executive dresses are preferred for both boys and girls.


A student who enrolls in the Bible College is required to adhere strictly to the Bible College Covenant and Academic Code of Ethics.  This can be found in Appendix A and B.

Appendix A:
Bible College Covenant

The mission of the Indian Institute of Theology and Missions is to provide and academically excellent and practically effective theological education to men and women called by God to serve the church and the community.  As Baptists, we treasure the liberty we have in Christ.  The Bible College community welcomes men and women who enter its classrooms and walk the halls and affirm their God-given ministry and gifts

We, the members of the Bible College community will strive and work hard to maintain peace and harmony in our community at all costs.  This means, we will speak the truth in love, honor our diversities, and make every effort to respect one another.  Sincerity, honesty, purity, and hard work shall receive high priority in our community.

As human beings, we are constantly struggling to live pure lives.  In the unfortunate event of one of us behaving in an unchristian manner, we will make every attempt to reconcile that person with the community and God.  As members of the community of the Indian Institute of Theology and Missions, we will not make any false accusation against any one in our community as this is destructive and against Biblical principles of relationships.  If one of us is behaving in an unchristian manner, then we give full freedom to the members of the Bible College community to approach us and to seek reconciliation.

We love and respect nature as God’s creation and live with responsibility in taking care of nature and all creatures.  We are against destroying natural beauty and resources.

Appendix B:

Academic Code of Ethics

We, the members of the community called Indian Institute of Theology and Missions, abide by the Academic Code of Ethics.  Under this code, we accept responsibility to maintain a high standard of conduct in the academic area.  We will be honest at all times and any act of dishonesty will be an offense against the Bible College community.  Breaches of the Code include plagiarism, cheating, lying, stealing academic materials, and submitting falsified material.  If we are found guilty, we will be subject to disciplinary action.