Correspondence Course Details

Course Accreditation
Our correspondence course is being accredited by the National Association of Theological Education (NATA). National Association of Theological Education is a degree approving forum by various denominations for the quality Theological Education
After Bachelor Degree by the IITM, Can I join Any Other Bible College for my Higher Education?
After completing the bachelor degree, you may join any other Bible College or Seminary for your Masters. Since our college is affiliated by NATA, our degree is Valid.
What Way Your Degree Will Help Me?
This is not a secular degree. It is designed as a Biblical Degree in order to gain Bible knowledge, to enhance you, to improve your leadership skills and to achieve growth in your ministry.
Duration of the Course:
Bachelor of Theology is designed as a three-year degree program with six semesters. Students are expected to finish the course within three years
Can I Finish the Three-Year Degree Program Even Before the Stipulated Time Frame?
Students have the freedom to finish the course even before the time frame. If students are capable enough to complete all the assignments of each semester and mail all the requirements' to College Office, we will immediately evaluate your answers and send you the next semester lessons.
How Do I get my Graduation Certificate?
As soon as you complete your all 6 semesters, we will mail your certificates to your Postal Address. In case you need to participate in a Graduation Ceremony and receive your certificate you may do so after paying Rs 5500/- as fee of Graduation Exercise.

Do I get my Transcript?

At the end of each semester, as you complete your assignments we will be intimating your marks. After completing all the 6 semesters, we will issue the transcript along with your Graduation Certificate

How to get Application Form for Correspondence Course?

Click here for the correspondence course application form.
What are the Documents I need to Submit for the Course?

Our correspondence course is being designed for people who cannot afford to a full-time Bible College or Seminary education. All applicants must submit photocopies of marks card and other related certificates of your minimum educational qualification. 

Course Fees:

We have an affordable fee structure that will really help students to join and complete the Degree Program without any problem. The below given fee is for the entire course. The fees will have to be paid in full at the time of joining. Students may choose the course and pay the full fees through Demand Draft payable at Bangalore. As soon as we receive your payment, the 1st semester notes will be dispatched to your Address by regular mail through the Indian postal system

B.Th  Bachelor of Theology               

 M.Th.  Master of Theology  (Theology)

Indian Rupees, 12500/-

Indian Rupees, 15500/-